Our Jewish Community

April 4, 2017 - The Funds’ transition in our Jewish/Israel giving portfolio continues in 2017 as we further the rigorous planning that started last year. Our process has renewed our sense of purpose and helped us to determine that we will focus on engaging and educating young Jewish families in Baltimore. In Israel, we will support civil and shared society throughout the country and young families in the periphery.

While we continue to work on this strategic portfolio, we will be contacting those organizations whose work directly aligns with our refined areas of focus. We are not seeking new partners or accepting new applications. We are proud of the many wonderful partnerships we have had over the years. This change does not reflect on the fine work of any of our past partners, it simply mirrors the strategic interests of the Funds.

We are proud to continue the philanthropic legacy of Joe and Rebecca Meyerhoff. While their work was shaped by World Wars, the Holocaust, and anti-Semitism, they embraced the promise of a healthy Jewish future. We are firmly committed to fostering a vibrant Jewish community in Baltimore, the United States, and Israel. The content below reflects the work we have done prior to 2017 and will be updated as our new strategies are solidified.


Locally, the Funds are major supporters of The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore, the umbrella organization of Jewish service agencies, as well as of other non-profits supporting Jewish education, services, and community building. A sample of some of our current and past local Jewish community grants includes:

  • Supporting the Pearlstone Center, a nationally-recognized Jewish retreat center and community centered farming operation located in Reisterstown, Maryland.
  • Backing the Jewish Community Services’ Workforce Development initiative, which provides assistance to out of work and underemployed Jews in our community.
  • Creating the Café in the newly designed Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital, which encourages social life.
  • Making the founding grant for Jewish Legal Services, which provides legal aid for those who need but cannot afford legal counsel.


We also support non-Jewish institutions that influence understanding and respect for the Jewish people such as:


Left Banner: Photo courtesy of the Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies.
Right Banner: Photo courtesy of Pearlstone Conference and Retreat Center.