Our Israel Focus

April 4, 2017 - The Funds’ transition in our Jewish/Israel giving portfolio continues in 2017 as we further the rigorous planning that started last year. Our process has renewed our sense of purpose and helped us to determine that we will focus on engaging and educating young Jewish families in Baltimore. In Israel, we will support civil and shared society throughout the country and young families in the periphery.

While we continue to work on this strategic portfolio, we will be contacting those organizations whose work directly aligns with our refined areas of focus. We are not seeking new partners or accepting new applications. We are proud of the many wonderful partnerships we have had over the years. This change does not reflect on the fine work of any of our past partners, it simply mirrors the strategic interests of the Funds.

The following content reflects the work we have done prior to 2017 and will be updated as our new strategies are solidified.

Our family’s passion for sustaining the viability and success of Israel began in the 1950s, with Joe Meyerhoff’s support for the creation of the state. To date, we have invested in over 80 capital projects and more than 150 institutions. We carry on this legacy by continuing to invest in projects aimed at building a civil society. In urban areas and in the periphery, projects have included libraries, theaters, day care centers, museums, playgrounds, universities, and parks.

In its early growth as a nation, Israel’s physical and infrastructure needs were paramount. As Israel has evolved, its needs, and our contributions, have become less concrete, allowing us to focus on projects that enhance the social fabric of society and Israel’s growth as a Jewish and democratic state. Here we concentrate on nurturing community and societal leaders by supporting:  Executive leadership development in the municipal and NGO sectors.

  • Multi-sector partnerships that bring together non-profits, businesses, and government agencies.
  • Service and service learning for college students and young adults.
  • Initiatives that promote pluralism. 
  • Jewish education.
  • Equality of access for populations seeking upward mobility and excellence.
  • Women as change agents in society. 

Our current geographic focus is in the Negev, because we share David Ben-Gurion’s vision. “It is in the Negev that creativity and pioneer vigor will be tested… It is incumbent upon Israel’s scientists to reveal the secrets of nature unique to our land… it is the destiny of a people and its country.”  We are committed to investing in the Negev’s growth by working with the Government of Israel, the municipalities of Beer Sheva, Ramat HaNegev, and Yeruham, and many local NGOs.

A sampling of major partners on the ground include:



Left Banner: Jerusalem at night
Right Banner: Photo of the Beer Sheva Theatre courtesy of the Beer Sheva Municipality.