Our Roundtables

Beyond grant-making, we support non-profits by encouraging collaborations and exploration of larger issues. Specifically, we host roundtable lunches involving non-profit educators and our target neighborhoods. The format of confidential, free and open discussion fosters information sharing among organizations, communities and leaders, and has proven to have results.

Non-Profit Educators and Funders

This roundtable convenes executive directors of leading educational non-profits and staff of many Baltimore foundations who are working towards a better city-wide educational system. Discussions and resulting efforts include innovation in the Baltimore City Public Schools, increased charter school activity, and support of groups that enhance public education.

Target Neighborhoods

In the Northeast communities of Belair-Edison and Hamilton-Lauraville, we host roundtables with community development organizations and educational non-profits to improve communication and the quality of life. Partners include Morgan State University, the Morgan Community Mile initiative, and the Goldseker Foundation’s neighborhood/schools partnership, with charter, parochial, and public schools working together.

In Patterson Park, a strong middle class neighborhood Southeast of the center of Baltimore, we convene partner organizations to work collaboratively using the park, local schools, and non-profit resources to improve the quality of life around Patterson Park. Some partners include the Creative Alliance, Banner Neighborhoods, Baltimore Community Foundation, the Southeast Community Development Corporation, and Patterson Park Public Charter School


Left Banner: Photo courtesy of Southeast Community Development Corporation
Right Banner: Photo courtesy of Belair-Edison Neighborhoods, Inc.